Making the Most of It

Making the Most of It

I usually never leave my camera at home.  It’s like my right hand.  I always use it.  But I was headed to the beach with my son and wasn’t sure about taking my camera.  What if I wanted to get in the water? What if I just want to relax on the beach . . where would I put my camera?  In the end, one question won out . . . . . what if I miss some great photo opportunities.  So I brought the camera along.

The waves were pretty good if not a little small but the surfers on the waves were outstanding.  Here are a few of the action shots I captured.


Surf HCC_8260 copy


Surf HCC_8262 copy


Surf HCC_8269 copy


Surf HCC_8272 1 copy


Surf HCC_8273 1 copy


Surf HCC_8274 copy


Surf HCC_8275 copy


Surf HCC_8291 copy


Surf HCC_8335 copy



The Brilliance

The Brilliance

What a great weekend of shooting capped off by some photos of The Brilliance (@BrillianceMusic) in their live performance. This group really brings it. They have a wonderful, unique style with ‘A’ level musicians and vocals. Lead singer David Gungor’s pitch perfect vocals paired with the string section makes for a hauntingly beautiful sound.

The group shots were taken in a vestibule area and on a haze covered day. The natural gradient on the background helps to highlight David Gungor and John Arndt, the group’s leaders.

John Arndt and David Gungor

John Arndt and David Gungor

John Arndt

John Arndt

The Brilliance

The Brilliance

The Brilliance

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Dallas and Brooke are having a Baby!

Dallas and Brooke are having a Baby!

I had such a great time working with Dallas and Brooke! I took these photos back in December but they were not yet ready to announce. I had to wait patiently ( not my best quality . . . ) until Brooke was ready to tell the world.

They are only having one baby as far as Ultrasound can see but they do not know whether it is a boy or a girl. This will be their first child and you can imagine how excited they are.

I am excited to share these with you and even more excited to take photos of the newest member to their family!

Congratulations Dallas and Brooke!

A DCG_4617 WM copy

A DCG_4626 WM copy

A DCG_4687 WM copy

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Mike and Erin . . .

Weekend photo shoot

Mike, Erin and the kids were so much fun.  So easy to take good pictures of this family.  And those girls are just so beautiful.

Christmas cards and a large canvas are coming soon!  They already have a place picked out for the canvas.

CAR_3709Edit b


CAR_3734Edit b

A Edit CAR_3802

A Edit CAR_3747

Erin likes the different effects for the photos.  I especially like the Dreamy Light Mauve on the photo above.  What do you think?

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Portrait of the Queen


You just never know who will show up during a photo shoot. 

A TMR_3314 Edit

Queen Elizabeth in the Park

The Upland High School Choral Music Department’s Queen Elizabeth and her Royal Court showed up to have their pictures taken by a members mom.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph this unique group and in such a beautiful setting.

A TMR_3334 Edit

The costumes were great and the cast even better,  What a great group of kids.

A TMR_3360 Edit

After the photos were taken they treated us to some amazing singing.

Just another perfect example of why you always need to have your camera ready, looking to “Capture the Moments” that make up our lives.


What do you see?

Last year I shot the “Hero Image” for a church festival.  The shot was used on the web page, posters and flyers for the annual fund raiser.

Ferris Wheel Skyline NWM

The shot was a Ferris Wheel shot with a spectacular sunset as a backdrop.  The lights on the Ferris Wheel combined with the amazing colors of the backdrop to make for a story telling shot.

This year I returned hoping to capture another image of equal impact.  I did not have the luxury of being there at sunset and actually was not interested in duplicating last years image.

After walking around a bit and shooting rides and events I stumbled upon the shot.  Standing and watching as the rides took motion I saw a series of “hub and spoke” images.  The Ferris Wheel.  The Yoyo Swings and the sun with the aperture set at f22 to create the starburst effect.  The result . . . .

A Edit SHF_2228 copy

What do you see when you walk around?

Capturing Businesses

Commercial Work

Sometimes I am called on to do a photo shoot for a business. Not company head shots, but to capture the essence of the product or business.   This is a fun challenge and one that I truly enjoy.

I have been both an executive for a major corporation and a business owner prior to my career as a photographer.   Finding out what makes a business tick is always an interesting adventure.  Translating that into photos is a challenge to the next level.

Channel Islands Surfboards

This is one of the world’s preeminent surfboard designers.  Their boards are sought after by the very best professional surfers in the world.  This shot is taken in their flagship store in Santa Barbara California.  So say that they have a lot of inventory does not do this shop justice.  So many boards to choose from.  And if you can’t find it here, they will custom shape one just for you .


Oliver’s in San Clemente California is a boutique shop specializing in Olive Oils and flavored vinegars.  So many choices with flavors like Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar or Honey Ginger infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you have to taste before you buy.  And Oliver’s lets you taste every Oil and Vinegar before pouring you a custom size just for your needs.   Truly a great business model.

Anthony’s Auto Body

Anthony’s Auto Body.  With 4 locations in Southern California, they offer outstanding collision repair and a premium customer experience.  A leader in their industry, Anthony’s has garnered numerous awards and accolades.  Truly a standout and a pleasure to work with.

I still see a sunset . .

  I still see the colors of the sunset even though the color has been removed.

It’s funny how our eyes see life.  A sunset should be blazing with yellow, orange and red. I saw this shot and asked what would happen if I removed the color.  Would we still see the blaze?  Can we still tell it is a sunset?  The rays of the sun and the highlights on the trees still tell us that this is the sun at the end of the day.  The long shadows as darkness grows and color is removed from our vision.

How do you see it?


Cassie and Taylor


Cassie and Taylor – First Time Parents

I recently had the privilege of shooting maternity photos for first time parents, Cassie and Taylor.

I think that you will see how excited and truly in love these two are.  It was so much fun working with them and I think that shows in the photos.

I hope you enjoy them.






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